Watch Your Lawn
With recent wet weather across Brisbane we are reminding customers to be on the alert for signs of damage to lawns caused by lawn grubs and armyworms.  If signs appear, spray immediately and then a second time in 7-10 days.

A family owned and operated landscape supplies and garden centre that services residents and tradesman across Brisbane northside and the greater Brisbane region.  We offer an extensive range of landscaping and garden supplies at affordable prices.

FIND US AT 117 Ira Buckby Road, Warner 

If you are picking up products in your trailer, ute or truck, please remember to cover your load.

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*Note: Price List was last updated 04/01/2018

  • Soil Supplies
  • Mulch Supplies
  • Gravel Supplies
  • Sand & Base Supplies
  • Block Supplies
  • Paver Supplies
  • Turf Supplies


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